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Scary Shorts

Just a little scary...

11/7/05 02:06 am - jerem_morrow

For the horror aficionado who desires more.

You folk would fit right in.

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Check us out.

6/27/05 01:46 pm - titaniablue - Wormtongue

this one is for my mom's girlfriend of nearly 28 years. she's like a second mom to me. i tried my best to capture her spirit in this story.

WormtongueCollapse )


6/22/05 11:44 am - titaniablue

this was partially inspired by a guy i used to know. i don't think he'll ever read this, so i didn't actually intend it for him. it's just what flowed out of me when thinking about people's fears.

RegretCollapse )


6/22/05 11:43 am - titaniablue - Fairy Kisses

this story i wrote for another friend. i asked her what she wanted me to write about and she said "a cthulhu fairy." well, here's her story.

Fairy KissesCollapse )


6/22/05 11:14 am - titaniablue - first post in the new community

i decided to write something scary for my friends. i wrote this for my friend ebonange who just told me "surprise me." well, she told me it was creepy. yay! so now i'm sharing it with everyone else.

Laughing MatterCollapse )

hope you enjoy it!
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